Nr Dans Alternativ 1 Alternativ 2
1 Lonely Drum Closer Pop Da Booty
2 J'irai Ou Tu Iras Trickle Trickle  
3 Blue Kisses Stitch It Up Cowboy Charleston
4 Doctor, Doctor Black Coffee Electric Slide
5 My Heart Is In Havana Basic Cha  
6 Slippery Bounce Make It Up
7 Just A Memory Tush Push Ghost Train
8 Önskedans
9 Galway Girls Gypsy Queen Country 2 Step
10 Eyes For You Closer Strait Talkin'
11 Tennessee Waltz Surprise You're My Destiny Electric Slide
12 Forget-Me-Not Live, Laugh, Love Basic Cha
13 I Said I Love You Bosa Nova Honky Tonk Stomp
14 Walking on air Doctor, Doctor Closer
15 All The King's Horses Missing Come Dance With Me
16 Önskedans
17 It's Up To You Live, Laugh, Love Driftaway Cha Cha
18 So Just Dance Dance Dance Black Coffee Country Walking
19 Pull You Through 6,8,12 Basic NC2
20 Kill The Spiders Side By Side Strait Talkin'
21 We'll stay young Within Easy Reach First Waltz
22 The Most Beautiful Girl Live, Laugh, Love Electric Slide
23 Make You stay Make It Up Live, Laugh, Love
24 Önskedans
25 I Must Be Dreaming Gypsy Queen Country 2 Step
26 Missing Kill The Spiders Strait Talkin'
27 The Queen So Just Dance Dance Dance Slippery
28 Live, Laugh, Love Cho-Co-Latte Basic Cha
29 Sweet Hurt Just A Memory Electric Slide
30 Pretend Driftaway Cha Cha Basic Cha
31 Light On She believes Basic NC2
32 Önskedans
33 Tush Push Rhyme Or Reason Ghost Train
34 Lay Low Closer Electric Slide
35 Enchantment Basic Cha  
36 Calypso Mexico J'ai Du Boogie Cowboy Charleston