Nr Dans Alternativ 1 Alternativ 2
1 Ticket to the Blues! Strait Talkin' Country Walking
2 Rolling stone Caught in the Act Make it Up
3 Long Distance Love Closer Kill The Spiders
4 Higher & Higher Crazy Foot Mambo Country 2 Step
5 Jerusalema Make it Up Pop da Booty
6 Islands In The Stream Driftaway Cha Cha Live, Laugh, Love
7 Love You Cha Such a Fool Electric Slide
8 Wintergreen Kill the spiders Irish Stew
9 Faithful Soul Heart of an Angel DN Waltz
10 Little Less Broken La Fiesta Cubana Live, Laugh, Love
11 Gucci Ghost Train Electric Slide
12 Badda Boom! Badda Bang! Black Coffee Country Walking
13 Only Girl Closer Pop da Booty
14 Half Past Tipsy Soul Shake Ghost Train
15 Pick Up Your Phone Caught in the Act Make It Up
16 Picnic Polka Irish Stew Lindi Shuffle
17 Vanotek Cha Driftaway Cha Cha Basic Cha
18 Have You Ever Seen the Rain Closer Pretend
19 Mama Mia!Why Me? Come dance With Me Strait Talkin'
20 Codigo Bosa Nova Stitch It Up
21 We're Alive Black Coffee Live, Laugh, Love
22 Light On She Believes 6,8,12
23 Gypsy Queen Country 2 Step Cowboy Charleston
24 Half Past Tipsy Soul Shake Ghost Train
25 Derailed Just a Memory Strait Talkin'
26 Lonely Blues J'ai Du Boogie Honky Tonk Stomp
27 Rockin`Rebel Stitch It Up Cowboy Charleston
28 Music to My Eyes Heart of an Angel DN Waltz
29 Bittersweet Memory True Believer 6,8,12
30 Crazy Foot Mambo Higher & Higher Country 2 Step
31 Reelin & Rockin Irish Stew Lindi Shuffle
32 Evergreen She Believes 6,8,12
33 Inspiration Telepathy Cowboy Charleston
34 Chill Factor D.H.S.S Country Walking
35 I Said I Love You Enchantment Honky Tonk Stomp
36 Soul Shake J'ai Du Boogie Ghost Train