Nr Dans Alternativ 1 Alternativ 2
1 Come Dance With Me Electric Slide  
2 Olivia Pop Da Booty  
3 Give Me Your Tempo Closer Make It Up
4 Heaven's Jukebox Pretend Basic Cha
5 Telling On My Heart LightClub  
6 Don't Think Twice Closer Pop Da Booty
7 Out Of Words Live, Laugh, Love Basic Cha
8 Black Jack Electric Slide  
9 Un Poquito Until the Dawn  
10 Cowboy Don't Bosa Nova Cowboy Charleston
11 Crowded Mind Whitin Easy Reach  
12 I Close My Eyes Driftaway Cha Cha Basic Cha
13 Another One Bites The Dust Pop da Booty  
14 Mamma Mia Why Me Pretend Strait Talkin'
15 Bringing It Back Until the Dawn Pop da Booty
16 The Card You Gamble Bosa Nova Ghost Train
17 Ticket to the Blues! Mamma Maria  
18 Marakaibo Driftaway Cha Cha Basic Cha
19 The Bomp Country 2 Step Cowboy Charleston
20 Around The Fire Irish stew  
21 I Said I Love You Honky Tonk Stomp  
22 Rock 'N Roll Bride Stitch It Up Bosa Nova
23 Crazy Foot Mambo Country 2 Step Cowboy Charleston
24 I've Been Waiting For You Let It Bay - Be  
25 3 Tequila Floor Until the Dawn  
26 Closer Strait Talkin'  
27 Steamboat Queen Ghost Train  
28 Roose Garden Electric Slide  
29 Pot of Gold Irish Stew  
30 Missing Kill the Spiders Strait Talkin'
31 Beautiful In My Eyes LightClub  
32 Have You Ever Seen the Rain Come Dance With Me